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The Ghosts are the underdog coming in; can they upset the Game Changers
I wanted to take a moment to thnk everyone who has read my articles for the past few seasons.  I have really enjoyed my work on the podcasts and in the articles.  Giving back to the league is an extremely rewarding experience for me.  The fact of the matter is that president Robert Campana gave me this job when I was going through a tough time and ... [+] read more
Saturday April 19, 2014
by Vince Nardone
After an amazing and legendary season, we have finally arrived to the top of the mountain. Two teams blessed with a feeling of accomplishment and are left standing remain to fight for their right to b... [+] read more
Saturday April 19, 2014
by Roger Emeka
Well, the big day is here and after 13 grueling weeks, it is time to crown a champion in Division Six. How we got there was even more impressive with the favourite, 'The Pack, falling to The Hei... [+] read more
Saturday April 19, 2014
by Mathieu Domon
Déjà la fin de la saison est arrivée! C'est déjà tout un exploit pour les deux équipes qui se sont rendu jusqu'ici. Si au début de la saison je m'étais fait dire que Game Changers et ghosts allaient f... [+] read more
Saturday April 19, 2014
by G.M. Kolethras
So we've reached the cream of the crop. While it's certainly not a surprise that the top seeds from each conference made it this far, it's still been a playoff road filled with ups and downs and close... [+] read more
Thursday April 17, 2014
by Justin Blanchard
The ship. The big game. La finale. Whatever you want to call it, it’s now just days away. 52 teams entered, and now only two remain: Predators and Sea Assassins. This isn’t the matchup I predicted for... [+] read more
Game of the Week - Week 10 - Dragons vs Predators
Tuesday March 18, 2014
Game of the Week - Week 9 - Legends vs KGP Champs
Sunday March 16, 2014
Game of the Week - Week 8 - Ice Up Son vs Served With Ice
Saturday March 8, 2014
Game of the Week - Week 7 - Alkaholiks vs Montreal's Finest
Saturday March 1, 2014
Game of the Week - Week 6 - Sandlot Saints vs B.D. Bandits
Saturday February 22, 2014
Game of the Week - Week 5 - Checkmate vs La Sauce
Saturday February 15, 2014
Game of the Week - Week 4 - Centurions vs Mysterious and Magical Men
Saturday February 8, 2014
FPF Celebrating 15 Seasons!

Calling The Audible


FlagPlus Football is inviting all of its members to join an NFL Survivor Pool. All former/current players are welcomed to participate and membership is FREE!
The last member standing will receive a $200 registration voucher for the upcoming Winter 2011 season.
The pool will take place on Yahoo.com and will require a Yahoo! I.D. (free). Once you've signed into your Yahoo! I.D., you can copy/paste the following link: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joingroup
Group ID#: 6656
Password: wepl
Players can register right up until the start of the first regular season game on September 9th.
Please note that a maximum of one entry per person will be permitted. All participants must use their full name (First, Last) as their team name on the pool homepage. Failure to comply will result in a disqualification of your picks team.
Basic Survivor rules are listed on the Yahoo! homepage. Please note that one wrong choice eliminates your team. Also, any player who forgets to make his pick before the deadline, will be eliminated as well.
*Should a tie occur, the winners will split the voucher.
For any questions, please contact us at info@flagplusfootball.com
Good luck!