(Quick) Preseason Article – Opening Night

Hey FPF Fam! Yes, we’re back tonight with the start of the FPF Cup, in the quickest turnaround between FPF seasons I’ve been a part of!

I, being Iggy Magnets, am here writing once again for the Fall Cup, in a quick Preseason article to get things going. In this article you can expect a quick breakdown of how the season will run, a snipped version of my thoughts on the 4 different Tiers, and, since Fall Cup is a time where the league likes to experiment with the schedule and format, we’re taking that mindset and expanding it to a few of the different things to freshen things up.

Let’s get the some of the season details out of the way and get to some more fun season questions and things to look out for throughout the year.

Here are the key dates for the season. Season opener tonight, let’s gooo!

💰💸Money Money Money Moneyyyyy💸💰

Of course, what makes the FPF Cup more intriguing than other seasons is that there is more than just pride and bragging rights on the line. There’s in fact a cash incentive for the FPF Cup winner and runner up in the top “Cash Bracket” in each Tier.

The FPF Cup offers a cash prize to the winner and runner up in the top bracket for each separate Tier. Based on the standings following the Preliminary round (first 4 games) and the Qualification round (last 4 games) of the Cup Tournament, the top teams (typically four) qualify for what we call the “Cash Bracket” where they play for cash prizes. The Tier 1 prizes are highest, followed by Tier 2, and are then even between Tier 3 and Co-Ed.

Season Questions and Watchouts

Tier 1

  • How will the new teams moving up from Div C, like EZW, Mangoose and this past Spring’s Div C champs Blessed, fare against the longstanding Div 1/2 teams of Urgence Medic and KGP?
  • How will the #NOREGARD movie stars, Travis Moses and Kendal Mayers play after the release of their featured film, #NoRegard: The Greatest Recreational Story Ever Told ?


Tier 2

  • Pincellos are coming off the upset of the post-covid era in FPF; will they continue to excel in Tier 2 with the more developed and matured FPF teams?
  • Is this the year Peeze throws 60 TDs?
  • After 2-3 seasons of not making it to the Finals, will Chocolate Thunder make a roaring return to the Cash Bowl?
  • You know what Mortal Combat and FPF have in common this time of year? Both are tournaments that have a Kano competing in it… Fight!
  • Is KGP Ra the clear-cut favorite in Tier 2 with the addition of free agent, Anthony Siggia?

Who’s the best player in Tier 2?

  • Zach Zwirn?
  • Vincent Benjamin?
  • Benji Ziegler?
  • Jonathan Garfinkle?


Tier 3

  • Holy… 20 teams in Tier 3…
  • Save the Turftles return after a successful 1st year in FPF. What’s in store for them in Season 2?
  • Like Fall Cup 2020… is Lockdown a favorite in Tier 3 heading into the season?
  • Benji and co. are back as the Warriors. In the last Fall Cup they played together, they made it to the Finals in 2019, only to lose to Threat Level Midnight. Will they get back to the Cash Bowl finals?


Co-Ed Cup

  • Peeze entering the Co-Ed Cup.. will he throw as many pick 6’s as he does in Tier 2?
  • Jeremy White and company looking to crown themselves as champs.. wait.. Camille Gariépy?? As in Georges Gariepy’s sister/cousin?? It appears Jeremy is loading up on the women talent!
  • We have our first (I believe) all women’s team playing in a Co-Ed division, minus Alex LaRoche. I’m interested in seeing who their QB will be, but Amélie Durocher is a great flag player, so if the team is as talented as her, this team could surprise the FPF world.


FPF Game Picks

We will continue doing the game picks this season, but in addition to the traditional, individual picks by the media, we will incorporate a second version, which we will reveal on Saturday, so stay tuned for that exciting news! As for the traditional one, here are our picks for Week 1, as we begin the marathon to be crowned the know-it-all of FPF.

HomeAwayPeeze Pick Moe PickIggy PickAlexi Pick
Urgence MedicThe ApocalypseUrgence MedicUrgence MedicUrgence MedicUrgence Medic
Hot Sauce SportsTough LungsN/ATough LungsHot Sauce SportsHot Sauce Sports
Team EthnikCentauresTeam EthnikCentauresCentauresTeam Ethnik
Mean MachineUnexpected DiablosMean MachineMean MachineMean MachineUnexpected Diablos
ArouchChocolate ThunderChocolate ThunderChocolate ThunderChocolate ThunderChocolate Thunder
ArouchGrim ReapersArouchArouchGrim ReapersArouch
Los Siete AmigosKGP RaLos Siete AmigosLos Siete AmigosKGP RaKGP Ra
Fighting Cones7th Rounders7th Rounders7th Rounders7th Rounders7th Rounders
LionheartsPardon My SwagPardon My SwagPardon My SwagPardon My SwagPardon My Swag
The StormersTuneSquadTuneSquadTuneSquadTuneSquadTuneSquad
Two Inch’s GangKiller RaysTwo Inch’s GangKiller RaysKiller RaysTwo Inch’s Gang
Trailer Park BoysFree Agent SquadFree Agent SquadTrailer Park BoysTrailer Park BoysTrailer Park Boys
Post Malone’s KnightsThe West YardPost Malone’s KnightsPost Malone’s KnightsN/AN/A
Tim BrandyWarriorsWarriorsWarriorsWarriorsWarriors
FSUSave The TurftlesSave The TurftlesSave The TurftlesSave The TurftlesSave The Turftles
The PenetratorsDemonsThe PenetratorsThe PenetratorsThe PenetratorsThe Penetrators
La SecteKiss My End ZoneN/AKiss My End ZoneN/AN/A

So that’s it for the Preseason article. Don’t worry, for those who know my writing style and articles, they are generally much longer than this, but you can expect a similar style length this Fall Cup, as Peeze, Alexi Dubois and myself will be covering the entire FPF Cup. So it will be the whole league and all teams being covered by 3 writers, which is why the articles will be slightly shortly than what my articles are. But triple the coverage this season! So expect your team to be talked about a bit more often!

Hope to see you all soon on the field!! and goodluck to you and your teams!